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Nail Technique Courses


High Demand
Nail Technique


Learn the trending technique of a Combined Modified Dry Manicure. Help level up your Manicure services to gain more clientele and increase your value.

This course will also teach you Gel-X Full Coverage Extensions Application or Gel Overlay Application or Both. We go over proper nail tools and e-file speed. The importance of gel structure to preserve the natural nail.

This is a 1-1 workshop that takes about 8-hours with a live model. You will receive an instructional workbook to help follow along and we go over some important business tips and skills to improve your overall revenue.

Coffee and Lunch will be provided.

Prep Made Easy


No matter the application product, proper nail and cuticle prep will be the KEY to long-lasting services.

Using the Combined Dry Manicure with your manicure or acrylic services will definitely level up your appointments and can make your services more efficient, which means making time for more clients and being able to charge better prices for you.




Nail Art differs between each nail artist, but learning tips and tricks can make mimicking nail inspo a little easy. Learning layering techniques and proper sealing with recommended products. Also, compare products dupes, because it's not the product that makes the art, it's the artist.

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