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Dry Manicure:

No soaking in a water, which means no softening of the nails. Dry Manicure encourages stronger nails, longer lasting manicures, and better hygiene. With the use of diamond cuticle drill bits, your cuticle receives a literal massage to remove all dead skin while leaving all live tissue clean and refreshed. Creating a beautiful frame for your choice of polish and nail art

Gel/No Chip Manicure:

After a clean-up of your cuticles, why not dress up those pretty nails with some long lasting color? With high quality gel polish, brands coming from Japan, Europe, and the best brands of amazing small business nail industries here in the states, each manicure is curated to the proper prep and finishing. I try my best also product match what works best with your nails. Each gel/no chip manicure is guaranteed to last up to 2 weeks, any more than that is a blessing! 

Structured Gel Manicure:

Flexible strength comes from the perfect balance of soft-gel and hard-gel properties. Give your client's nails the strength they need without the cracking associated with hard gels, or painful, damaging breaks associated with acrylic nail extensions.

With SIMPLE Art:

This is for the babes, that like a simple little art on one finger, a couple fingers, or the very simple art on all. Example of simple arts is marble, glitter accent, cuticle lining, striping, etc. 

With FULL Art:

Do you like that EXTRA life? ALL 10 fingers filled with pretty art or super intricate on a few! Example of intricate art is hand painted art, intricate ling work, florals, etc. 

Natural Nails
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